About me

My name is Filip Bongcam. I am 20‚Äč years old, at the moment. I would like to call myself a self-thought Cinematographer and Motion Designer. I currently live in Sweden in a city called Uppsala (my hometown). I am in to all kinds of Digital Art but I found my main interest in Cinematography and Motion Design.

By the age of 15 I began to study nature with an IT-Specialization at IT-Gymnasiet Uppsala. I already had an interest for photography by that age but I started to get more in to filming so I bought myself a DSLR-Camera (Canon 550D). This lead to an interest in Cinematography. I'm also very much in to design and therefore I found my other interest in Motion Design. Combining these two interests opened a new world of creativity.

I own a Canon 550D, Canon 5D Mark III and a few lenses.


CONTACT: info@fbongcam.com twitter vimeo